About Us

We believe that Glebe is a very special club, with a long history of camaraderie, not to mention success on the water. Founded in 1879, Glebe is one of the oldest rowing clubs in Australia.

The full history of the Glebe rowing club has been well documented in the book “The Boatshed on Blackwattle Bay” by Max Solling. Max is a long time and respected member of Glebe rowing club, this book provides an interesting history of rowing clubs in Sydney and of Blackwattle Bay and we recommend it as good read for all current and future members.

Our Philosophy

In the past we have lost our shed on a few occasions and our present shed is as a result of the overwhelming generosity of a few of our “Old Boy” members. Because of our history, the ups and downs associated with the finances of the club and the finances of many of the members during the Depression, we have an attitude of looking after each other and the Club itself. In fact, during the Depression it was not uncommon for some of the members to live at the Club, having been evicted from their homes and having nowhere else to live.

Although we are very active on the water and compete successfully, we acknowledge that not everyone has a competitive streak and to this end we also welcome members who would like to take their rowing a little less strenuously. What we do ask is that you consider your fellow members and the good of the Club as a whole in any and everything you do with regards to Club activities.

In his book Max cites the May 1937 minutes of the Club in which there appears a quote from Charlie Smith, a well known coach/captain and life member of the Club and a man who gave unstintingly of his time and energy: “The idea of a club was not to win races only but at all costs to maintain the good club spirit at present prevalent”

We believe those words remain as true today as they were over 70 years ago and encapsulate what we still stand for.