Joining GRC

How to Apply for Membership

Here are the steps to applying for membership.

Step 1: Complete The Application Form Here

Note that you are required to provide the names of two current members. One to nominate and one to second your application to the club.

These members will be contacted to confirm their nomination of you.

If you do not provide these names your application will not proceed.

Step 2: Make Payment

After completing the application form you will receive an invoice from the club. This invoice needs to be paid before your application proceeds to Committee review.

Step 3: Committee Review

The GRC Committee will review applications with confirmed payments on the first Tuesday of each month.

If your application is rejected, the club will reimburse your Joining Fee and Annual Membership fee payments within 30 days.

If your application is approved you will receive a notification soon after the meeting.

How to renew your Membership

If you are a current member looking to renew your membership:


Membership inquiries should be directed to the Membership Coordinator.